Humpty Dumpty Ministry - Ministering hope and healing to the wounded and broken
Linda Martin West
Linda has served as pastor, evangelist, and missionary. She has four children and nine grandchildren.
Linda Began speaking at age 15. For more than 30 years she has ministered at Joy Fellowships, Women's Aglow meetings, women's retreats, women's confrences and churches of various denominations.
Linda's ministry embraces people from all walks of life. Although she has a special burden for women, she ministers effectively to the entire congregation.
As nationally appointed Home Missionaries with the Assemblies of God, Linda and her late husband, James Martin, pioneered churches in New England and served as pastors of two native American churches in Arizona,and a church in East Las Vegas, Nevada. After her husband's sudden death, Linda continued to pastor. In 2005, Linda and evangelist Jimmy West were married and continue in ministry as evangelists.
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